Questions & Answers

Where do I find the square root sign on Calcbuddy?
There's no square root sign, use the function sqrt() instead. sqrt(4)=2 and sqrt(4+5)=3 etc...
How do I go back in the operation history?
If you want to go back to an old expression, use the Prev button. Tap once for stepping backwards, long-click for popup list. If you on the other hand want to insert an answer, tap Ans to get the last answer, or long-click Ans to get a popup list of all stored answers
How do I change angle mode from radians to degrees?
Go to the Settings menu, and you will find the Angle unit option at the top.
How do I work with fractions?
The Frac button only switches the current answer between decimal and fraction format. To insert fractions into your expression, just use the division sign.
For example, assume you want to add together two thirds and one fourth, and view the result as a fraction:
1. The first step is to type 2÷3+1÷4. The result will show 0.91666667
2. You can then tap Frac, and the result will be 11/12
3. You can continue to tap Frac to switch between the two formats.
For more info about the fraction format and its accuracy, read the Specifications