Tutorial & Screenshots

This is a 13 step tutorial, with screenshots, that will guide you chronologically through the most important features of the CalcBuddy Calculator app.
First CalcBuddy expression: 2×6+8×7 Step 1:
Your first CalcBuddy expression. There are no stored operations so far as indicated by the disabled Ans and Prev, and LOG SIZE 0 in the status bar. You will see your entire expression at all times, and the calculator will calculate it using the correct operator precedence. Tap Enter, and the expression "2×6+8×7" will be stored as the first operation, and 68 will be stored as the first answer.
Using Ans in your expression Step 2:
The log now holds one operation indicated by LOG SIZE 1 and enabled Ans and Prev buttons. To use it in our next operation, tap the Ans button, which will equal 68 in this case. We store this operation too, using Enter.
Functions and Constants. Image of Constants tab Step 3:
In the third operation we use functions and constants. You reach them via the top buttons. The result equals 2 since we currently have radian angle mode. This image shows the Constants tab. We then go back to Standard view and store the operation.
Error message and menu press Step 4:
This expression cannot be calculated, and so CalcBuddy displays an error description. Let's say that we in this operation would like to use degrees instead of radians. We then first press the phone's meny button, and we get this screen.
Upper part of settings page Step 5:
This is the upper part of the Settings page. Change Angle unit to degrees. We also decide to change skin to Neon.
CalcBuddy Neon skin, degree angle mode Step 6:
Back at the calculator screen, with degree mode and Neon skin. Type in 90 as cosine argument and the calculator returns 0. Store this operation.
Fraction format Step 7:
Fraction format can be very useful if we know the answer is a fraction. This expression for instance will obviously result in a fraction. To swap between Decimal and Fraction format, tap the Frac button. Note that this swap is only visual - no answer is ever stored as a fraction. Store this operation as well using Enter.
CalcBuddy Aurora skin, unbalanced brackets. Image of Functions tab Step 8:
Here we have changed the skin again, this time to Aurora. We have typed in an expression that contains and error, which the calculator detects and informs us about. This image shows the Functions tab. To remove the unwanted bracket, move back the cursor (either by track-ball, by tapping the input field, or by tapping the bottom left corner of the calculator screen) and the tap del once. Store the operation.
Constant popup description Step 9:
Here we have an expression with two constants. In the constants tab, we can long-click a constant button to get a description of that constant. Function buttons also have this guiding feature. Store the operation.
Operation log Step 10:
If we now long-click the Prev button, we will get a popup meny with all stored operations. Here we can return to a specific operation by tapping it. If we just tap the Prev button instead of long-clicking it, we will simply step back through the log, one step at a time.
Answer log Step 11:
Similarly, by long-clicking the Ans button we get a list of all stored Answers. If we choose one of them, it will be inserted at the current cursor position in the current expression.
About page Step 12:
The About page, which contains brief information about the app.
Help page Step 13:
The Help page, briefly describing the different features of the app.
If you have a question that is not covered in any of these steps, try the Questions & Answers