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BMI Calculator

Calculate your BMI or weight to reach a certain BMI

Weight categories as degined by WHO

BMI interval WHO weight category
<15.0 Very severaly underweight
15.0-16.0 Severaly underweight
16.0-18.5 Underweight
18.5-25 Normal (healthy weight)
25-30 Overweight
30-35 Obese Class I
35-40 Obese Class II
>40 Obese Class III

Note that the intervals stated above are for adult people and are only valid as statistical categories.

How to use the BMI calculator

Type your height and weight in the field above and your BMI value will automatically show. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of underweight vs overweight. The calculation is based on a person's height and weight in the following formula: weight/height2. If you want to reach a certain BMI and wonder what weight is required to do so, you simply select "Calculate weight" and type in your height and BMI target.

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