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Ideal Gas Law

Calculate pressure, volume, quantity and temperature using pV = nRT

How to use the Ideal Gas Law calculator

The first thing to do is to decide what variable to calculate. Type in the data you've got in the three other input fields.

For example, say that you would like to calculate the volume when you've got the following data: pressure = 101325 Pa (atmospheric pressure), quantity of substance = 3 mol, and temperute ? 773 K (500°C). Then first select "Calculate volume" on your right. Secondly, type in the data you've got, and make sure you use the units stated in this example (the SI units). If you've done it correctly, the answer should be: Volume, V = 0.1902912 m3.

Each input field can also evaluate expressions. Let's again look at the example above, but say that we instead want to calculate the pressure of the gas if the volume would double. In this case, first select "Calculate perssure", and then type *2 after 0.1902912 in the volume input field. This will give the answer 50662.5 Pa as if you would have typed in 0.3805824 in the volume input field.

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