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How to use this percentage calculator

First choose which of the two cases matches your problem. Is it a percentage change or a percentage share?

For instance say you would like to calculate the new price of a pair of shoes that are 15% off. Then use the upper calculator and type in -15 as the percentage change.

On the other hand, if you happen to own 15% of the shoe shop, use the lower calculator and type in 15 as your percentage share.

By using the alternative radio buttons to the right you can calculate different things depending on what information you already have. If we go back to the show purchase and instead say that you don't know how many percent off the shoes are, but you knew the original price was $80 and the new price was $68. Then select "Calculate percentage change" and type in 80 and 68 respectively and the percentage calculator will show -15 %.

Note that each input field is also a calculator in itself. This mean that you can for example input 65+88+40 in a field, which will then count as 193. This could be useful if the shoe shop had -15 % on everything, and you wanted to buy one pair for $65, another for $88 and a third for $40.