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Scientific CalculatorScientific Calculator
Scientific calculator with the most common mathematical functions and 30 common scientific constants. The calculator also supports going back to previous calculations, and showing the answer as a fraction.
Percentage CalculatorPercentage Calculator
An easy-to-use percentage calculator that lets you calculate both percentage changes and percentage shares.
Interest CalculatorInterest Calculator
Calculate initial value, annual interest rate, number of years or final value using this interest calculator.
BMI CalculatorBMI Calculator
BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator that shows your BMI and the body weight categories defined by the WHO.
Calorie CalculatorCalorie Calculator
Use this calorie calculator to determine your daily energy need, based on your age, gender and level and exercise habits.
Ideal Gas LawIdeal Gas Law
A convenient calculator for calculating pressure, volume, amount of substance, and temprature, based on the Ideal Gas Law pV = nRT
Projectile MotionProjectile Motion
Calculate the maximum height, air time, impact location, based on firing speed, firing angle and firing altitude, for a projectile or a toss.
Calculate initial amount, half-life, elapsed time and final amount using this half-life calculator.
Quadratic Equation SolverQuadratic Equation Solver
Calculate solutions to the quadratic equation Ax² + Bx + C = 0