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How to use the currency converter

Type in a value in the currency you want to convert from. For instance, if you want to see how much 8 Euro is worth in the other currencies, typ in 8 in the EUR field. You can also use mathematical expressions in the input fields, e.g. 4+4 EUR.

The table below shows the most recent* exchange rates

UnitValue in US Dollar (USD)
1 US Dollar (USD)1 USD
1 Euro (EUR)1.217449953676 USD
1 British Pound (Sterling) (GBP)1.3681593741492 USD
1 Japanese Yen (JPY)0.0096353047983189 USD
1 Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) (CNY)0.15427575247998 USD
1 Russian Ruble (RUB)0.01328644105404 USD
1 Swiss Francs (CHF)1.1296422648876 USD
1 Australian Dollar (AUD)0.7716573347573 USD
1 New Zealand Dollar (NZD)0.71852397930076 USD
1 Canadian Dollar (CAD)0.7853146166683 USD
1 Mexican Peso (MXN)0.050068092605944 USD
1 Swedish Krona (SEK)0.12050515762075 USD
1 Danish Krona (DKK)0.16361858870786 USD
1 Norwegian Krona (NOK)0.11773986554107 USD
1 Czech Koruna (CZK)0.046587142414565 USD
1 South African Rand (ZAR)0.0659866957624 USD

1 US Dollar (USD) is worth
1 US Dollar (USD)
0.821 Euro (EUR)
0.731 British Pound (Sterling) (GBP)
103.785 Japanese Yen (JPY)
6.482 Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) (CNY)
75.265 Russian Ruble (RUB)
0.885 Swiss Francs (CHF)
1.296 Australian Dollar (AUD)
1.392 New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
1.273 Canadian Dollar (CAD)
19.973 Mexican Peso (MXN)
8.298 Swedish Krona (SEK)
6.112 Danish Krona (DKK)
8.493 Norwegian Krona (NOK)
21.465 Czech Koruna (CZK)
15.155 South African Rand (ZAR)

* Exchange rates gathered from 2021-01-23, 14:00 (CET)